Blue ,black ,brown ,green ,purple ,orange
What all …………
Oval ,square ,rectangle , round ………
Aviator , Gandhi ………..
Ray ban , Gucci, Armani ………..
Genuine ,copied,Fake ………
Male ,female, young ,old ……..
Everyone is wearing
Its OK to wear in sunlight
But what is the sense wearing
At night, inside house
In metro ,trains ,discos , hotels ……..
I guess now people are ashamed
Of themselves or others
So they don’t dare to make an eye contact
So wearing shades
Even when not needed
Its ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Shades

  1. I wrote on this sometime last year when it became a must you wear a sun shade as a celebrity or wannabe.
    I really think its a wrong dress craze that iits being taught to the next generation.


    1. Agree , unfortunately new generation follow more wrongs than right

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      1. Yes because, its believed that the elders knows better. So they copy each step of the way


      2. Unfortunately they don’t follow elders ,see our elders were never showy ,they were always real ,not fake ,which today’s generation is


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