Generally I am very courteous
I always make sure to say thanks ,mention not etc.
Its with all those ,whom I am formal
There are people whom I don’t say all this
One ,I don’t like them
Other ,they are very close to me
So I am not formal with them
I don’t say thanks to them
I don’t expect them to say thanks to me
As I share a bond with them
So no formalities
So you decide
Who you are
Close one or whom I dislike .


2 thoughts on “Decide

  1. Namaskaram Ajay. First of all – I just like this Poem of yours very much. But, regarding “thank you etc……” I now live 14 years here in India and therefore I know that this is not used with close/loved ones. My western abbringing still rebells against this – it is a great social sin not to say “thanks, please etc…” as you know. So what do I do here, I still go on with what my Mother tought me and accept Indian culture in return 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Namaskar Ji ,its good to know that you stay in India and try to adapt to its rituals ,in India we are not that formal and to be straight not that civilized but I always feel its good to say thank you ,sorry etc when you are at formal interactions ,as I mentioned I only leave these with very few ,very close ones else I make sure to be formal and mannered .


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