Problem with world is
To claim credit
Parents say ,they have brought up
Children so they need credit
Birds too bring up young ones
But they don’t ask for credit
Politicians are screaming
We have done so and so
So give us credit
Make our statues after we die
Teachers are asking for their credit
Teaching students
Doctors ,engineers ,don’t know who all
Have ever bees asked
That they made honey
Why the hell human steal it
Do they complain
That their hard work has been stolen
Do animals take credit
Of spreading seeds ,then of those plants
Do plants ask for credit of providing
Oxygen ,shades ,medicines and lot more
Do sea ,rivers ,oceans
Ask for credit ,providing rains
Its only selfish humans
Who are screaming ,shouting ,yelling
Give me credit
For every tiny thing I do
More culprits are those
Who don’t even work
Still ask for credits
Its not only shameful
But pathetically disturbing .


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