World going crazy about marriage
Though I hardly find anyone
Who is happily married
I get so many queries
Regarding bad marriages
I analysed and found
Marriage can’t be happy
Its not possible
As its a about two persons
Coming from different backgrounds
They think they will manage
But unfortunately its not possible
They have different mental ,physical ,emotional levels ,
They may promise ,pledge
But practically its all waste
They may say they don’t need materialism
Actually everyone has needs
Variable ,so they will ask for
If not fulfilled
Its natural to fight
I suggest don’t get married
Stay as friends
Without expectations and promises
Day you feel differences
Walk out
This way world will be saved
From divorces ,alimonies , depression
Complications , grudges
There is nothing like couple
Its a myth
Its a kind of social fad
Which actually makes people mad
Only impractical people get married
Then they start complaining
Its a universal truth
No one can be happily married .

4 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. It’s not like no one is happily married. The thing is fights are inevitable but how quickly that can be put behind so as to return to normalcy is what defines a successful relationship be it of a casual one or married one.


    1. I being a counselor have not seen even a single couple happy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope you get to see one soon so your mindset changes. 😉


      2. I suspect as I don’t live in an imaginary world


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