June 21 ,international yoga day
Such hype ,such publicity
What is yoga
Very few knows
West has borrowed this from India
So they are just trying to cash it
Many Indians are earning huge
Through it
Their motive is money
Yoga means union
Union of yourself to higher soul
Its not only physical activity
Not only asanas
Its about lifestyle
What to eat ,how to eat ,when to eat
Its about self discipline
Its about control
Control over ,anger ,lust ,greed , attraction
So if you are a yogi
You won’t run after money ,sex ,
Unfortunately all so called yogis
Are charging huge to teach
Actually they are frauds
Hot yoga ,cold yoga ,bhangra yoga
Don’t know what all on name of yoga
People are being fooled
Actually no one can teach you yoga
They can teach you physical activities
Nothing more than that

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