Controversial issue
Some support ,other oppose
Its simple
You don’t have right
To bring a child into this world
If you can’t give him proper upbringing
Reasons can be many
Rape , unplanned sex , female child
But in all these cases
Its not the child ,who is culprit .
But the tag of illegitimate
Or the hatred ,he has to face
Its better to kill him in womb
Rather than bringing him to this
Merciless world
Wound him with abuses
Death is in any case
Much more soothing
Than a life
Full of abuses , curse ,
Female should take decision
As its no one’s other business
If to abort or carry
Whatever but repercussions
Shouldn’t be on child
Neither he had pleasure
Of sex ,or inhumanity of rape
Its totally female’s discretion
No law ,religion or scriptures
Can justify it
Or deny it .


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