If computer is not having
Any software
It won’t perform
That particular task
Similarly ,everything on this universe
Is programmed
A refrigerator can’t be TV
An A.C. can’t be a computer
A chair can’t be a bed
Similarly a lion can’t eat grass
A cow can’t hunt
Fish can’t fly
Monkey can’t live in a burrow
So is true with every individual
If one is arrogant
Its his software
If other is corrupt
Its his software
If one is short tempered
Its his software
If one is slow
Its his software
Problem is everyone
Is trying to imitate others
Without knowing truth
About their software
The moment you realize
You are a lion ,cow ,monkey or fish
And live accordingly
There will not be any mess
We have honey bee
As well as house fly
One is useful
Other is harmful
We need to recognize
Good from bad
Useful from harmful
Wipe out harmful
Make world a better place
With better understanding and management.

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