Economics says
You can’t sell below your cost price
As main motive of trade
Is to generate profit
What the nonsense then
Discount is?
Everywhere its discount
Buy one get one free
Get discount of 50%,60%,70%
And so on
Are traders fools that they will
Suffer loss
Or they are saints
Doing social service
Selling below cost price
No way
Actually costumers are fools
Their mindset had become sick
They don’t think
They have this lust
Of intoxication ,to feel
As if they have achieved great
Buying at discount
Though they are just being tricked
All big brands to smaller brands
Are trying to woo consumers
Fooling them with discount
Its actually more of psychology
Rather than economics
Its about sick mindset
Of getting more
Its about lust
Its about hoarding
Its about social injustice
Its about inequalities
Its actually a mental disorder .


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