No matter

No matter how powerful is air conditioner
It can’t replace a cool breeze
No matter how expensive is jacuzzi
It can’t replace showers of rain
No matter how expensive are shoes
It can’t replace bare foot walk on dew
No matter how big is car
It can’t replace a walk into woods
No matter how clean is swimming pool
It can’t replace swimming in flowing river
No matter how much make up you put on
It can’t replace simplicity
No matter how expensive is disco entry
It can’t replace an instrumental session
No matter how much you pay for tea at hotel
It can’t replace tea at your balcony garden
No matter what is your designation
It can’t replace a playing session with a kid
No matter how many pain killers you take
It can’t replace a good sound sleep


2 thoughts on “No matter

  1. this is so lovely i love this pattern of the anaphora at the start of the lines and the structure it gives šŸ™‚


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