There are many things
Many acts
Which are actually waste
From travelling in big cars
As motive is travelling
So it can be in small car too
From eating at hotels
Paying hefty bills
As motive is to fulfill appetite
So can eat at home too
Wearing expensive clothes and accessories
As motive is to cover body
So simple clothes will do that
Gap between rich and poor
Is widening
Rich living in mansions
Poor dying of hunger on streets
Rich prefer to keep their pets
In ac rooms
Human babies are dying of heat
No leader dares to raise these issues
As they are being funded by these super rich
World is heading towards disaster
Environmental degradation
To quench desires of rich
All efforts which are advertised
Are an eyewash
Stop wasting
Its a sin .


1 thought on “Waste

  1. thefeatheredsleep June 11, 2016 — 5:05 pm

    just so you know – your poetry is ‘ok’ but by no means really good. Think about that before criticizing someone else. I’d appreciate it if you did not come to my page any more or comment, I don’t think you have the ability to understand what I write and I really don’t care if you feel the only thing you can do is criticize what I write because I do not have any respect for your viewpoint and I’m published and make a lot of money from my writing so I really don’t care what you think – just leave me alone please


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