I am like magnet
I attract almost everyone I meet
But don’t forget
Magnets do repel
When it finds same poles
It happens with me
After sometimes
People start drifting away from me
Specially females
Reason ,earlier they were
Who they are
Opposite to me
So get attracted
Then they are affected by my aura
To an extent they
Try to be who I am
The way ,I carry myself
My attitude ,my style
Now they are same poles
So they will be repelled
Its happening from years
But remember you are
Temporary magnet
Not permanent
Once away from me
You will lose your magnetism
Then you will be mere iron
Who is prone to rust
I have seen many of you
Rusting ,losing the charm
I induced into you
You became very ordinary
Rather not even
I would like to remember
That yes ,you were induced
Its pity
Just an ordinary piece of iron .


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