Its life

I see lots of girls
Hanging out with boys
Nothing wrong in that
Its OK these days ,I guess
They roam ,spend time together
They even sleep together
Have sex
Its common
What is disturbing is
Girl sleeps with so many guys
She doesn’t feel connected to any
Its fun ?
Its lust ?
Its need for money ,gifts etc?
Don’t know as she is not a prostitute
As she doesn’t charge
Ironically finally she marries
A guy whom she doesn’t know at all
Its an arrange marriage
Means ,no connection
No conscious
Its like eating dinner
At different hotels every night
Sleeping and eating ,same ?
We are fools I guess
Who believes that soul does exist
Its all flesh actually
Its new way of living
Its life ?


2 thoughts on “Its life

  1. No, it’s not life n also both girls n boys sleep together. I understand what u r trying to say.. but it’s youth which is following a direction with no particular direction. So, the worst part is one day when their lust will end they will realize that they have lived their whole life in a way which was “imaginary”.. there will surely be a void in their hearts wen they reach at a particular age. But sorry there would be nothing available to “undone” the things šŸ™‚


    1. Agree ,I wish youth understand this timely else coming generation won’t know who would be their parents society would be a mess no respect ,no commitments


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