We don’t need

This whole world
Is actually living in a dream
A myth ,that love is beautiful
Its actually not
Love is not there
No where
What you call love is
Responsibility, lust ,social pressure
Female doesn’t get pregnant
Out of love
Its social pressure
She doesn’t feed her baby
Out of love
Its her responsibility
If procreation is love
Then there wouldn’t have been
So its more about lust
Female stays fertile
Almost for 35 years
She doesn’t produce 35 babies
Hardly one or two
Approximately she mates
3 times in a week
So its not love
Its lust
This world is
More harmed by so called love
Its a misconception actually
We need discipline
We need strict rules
To make this world a better place
As love is damaging it
So many scriptures
So many religions
All professing love
Still world has terrorism
Drugs ,prostitution , abuse
This means love hardly works 
We need aggressiveness
We need bold leaders
We don’t need eunuch politicians
We don’t need spiritual frauds
We don’t need love .


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