I am a pro suicide and anti suicide
Depending upon situation
Like if a person is terminally ill
Or he is kind of burden on others
He should commit suicide
No harm in that
We should not feel pity on him
As we do uproot weeds
So a person who is useless
Shouldn’t survive
But I am against it
As if you are fit
No problems ,physically
Just you can’t handle emotional things
Like a break up ,money loss ,
Loss of dear one etc
Its not a reason to commit suicide
These things merely matters
If you have health
You can get back all of these
Even if you won’t
Still you can live happily
With good health
In emotional cases
Suicide is a crime
As it involves others
It ruins other’s life
As law is as such
Which questions the persons concerned
Parents ,husband ,boy friend etc
In case of break up
What is the fault of other person
Two persons mutually stay together
When they don’t get along well
Its always better to get separate
No question of suicide
And getting other one into trouble
If you can’t handle emotional upheaval
Don’t get into relationship
I feel we shouldn’t feel
Any sympathy for persons
Who commit suicide
Its jungle
And survival of fittest
If you are not fit
No right to live .


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