I generally stay in state of equanimity
Away from any kind of attachments
Specially material
I am not running after it
Still I can’t say I am totally detached
I guess no one can
If you are living in a family
You tend to be attached
Its different how you handle things
Few go crazy over small things
Other stay calm even in big upheaval
For me its more about responsibility
Its about safety
Of my loved ones
Though I know I have less control over things
Still whatever I try my best
I just don’t want them
To take even minimum risk
As I don’t trust anyone
Its one of my biggest drawback
Still sometimes I have no control
Over happenings
Then I can only talk to concerned
Try to make things
As safe as it can be
Discussing every bit of it
Rest I feel ,I am helpless sometimes
As they have their desires
Their aspirations ,career ,goals
But everything comes with a cost
I believe that I shouldn’t be
A hindrance
Same time I want them
Safe and happy
Let’s hope things go well
I stay calm
And they stay happy .


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