Lust of recognition
Its a psychological disorder
To click oneself
That too without reason
Beyond control
On roads ,pubs ,temples ,shrines
Mountains ,metros ,crematorium
At marriage ,cremation, festivals
Happy ,sad ,angry ,ill ,
Playing ,bathing ,swimming
Sneezing ,yawning
Making faces ,pout ,kiss ,
With shades ,without shades
Hands on waist
Butt drifted aside
Some funny ,some ridiculous
Some scary ,some awkward
Many died taking selfie
Many injured
Its becoming a menace
It doesn’t show
That you are in demand
It shows your insecurity
Your loneliness
Your lust
Your inferiority
No one wants you
Only you are desperate to be wanted
Copying celebrities
Most of them ,are mentally disoriented
If someone ask you for pic
It sounds sense
But you ,clicking yourself
Posting on Facebook ,Twitter ,
and god knows where all
I feel pity
I feel you should be admitted
To rehabilitation centre
May god bless you all
Selfie addicted maniacs .

4 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. It should come with a warning…
    “Taking selfies will harm both self esteem and also personal health. BE WARNED”


  2. Also very well structured and worded


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