I am very disciplined
I manage things and time well
But my plans hardly materialize
I start from my house
With plans to do
The moment I reach road
There comes someone
He needs my help
He needs my suggestions
From past three days
I am planning to meet my friend
Who has some work with me
He needs my help
To buy a phone
Believe me
I haven’t reached his house
Though its 5 min distance from my house
In these 5 mins I am approached
By people ,that I am unable to reach
Its one example only
I have many
It happens with me daily
Rather hourly
I plan to trim my beard
Comes a phone call
Needs my advise
So many people
So many problems
I try my best to handle them
And their problems
They appear from no where
No relationship ,no friendship
Then everything starts
They believe me
They trust me
They feel I can change things
I can solve their problems
I am only simple human
I only listen them patiently
Without any selfish interest
Try to give them suggestions
Which I feel can help them
Believe me its actually not me
Its some other power
Who is doing all this
Its not any superstition
Neither I am declaring
Any kind of supernatural powers
But all these things are happening
Beyond my wish
Its not me who is planning this
Its someone else plans
He is managing all this


3 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Being a good listener is an art.

    No one had enough time to listen to others problems, but you are listening to them that is really admirable still on having your own problems.


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