I need answer


All female mammals have breast
Basic function of breasts is to feed young ones
No other mammal else than human
Have such breast
They have number of tits
Why human female has two breasts
That too of this particular shape
Its not erotic
I am not a porn watcher
But I wonder
Is this planned by god
To give human females
Such breasts
To attract ,males
And divert them from true goal
Breasts have economic factor too
Lingerie industry is billion dollar industry
Then cosmetic surgeries
To enhance ,shape ,firm etc
Are breasts meant to be covered
Or to be displayed
As they are widely displayed
Their basic function
Is ignored these days
As it spoils their shape
Females will hate this post
But I need answer from them
As they can only tell
What exactly provokes them
To display breasts
Is this intentional
I used word display intentionally
As I find it really annoying
The way females are showing it
On the name of empowerment
Bitches ,cows ,etc do feed their
Young ones
But I never noticed them
Going crazy about their, this organ
What is the psychology behind
Human female
I need an answer .


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