What is dowry
People say its a curse
It spoils families
Its money given by bride’s family
To groom’s family
I put it in different way
Suppose a girl stays with her family
And she is not earning
Who will fund her expenses
If she is earning ,she will do it herself
After marriage ,she will sit at home
And expect her husband to feed her
Her expenses remain same
So isn’t this ridiculous
That a guy fund her
Which otherwise will be done by her parents
Or by herself
So I guess either she shouldn’t marry
Else her expenses should be bore by her parents
For this they should
Deposit a fixed amount
On her name in bank
Else if she earns
She should bear her expenses
Marriage doesn’t mean free service
Every individual has to earn for oneself
Marriage doesn’t change that law
So there is nothing wrong with dowry
Provided ,its done in right way
Girls money stays with her
Not with her husband
Or in laws
And amount should be decided
By bride
Not by anyone else


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