Religion biggest threat to world
Biggest mistake of mankind
Biggest fraud planned by upper class
To fool people
Keep them involved in its trap
Its more dangerous than cocaine
It has created more wars than others
Let it be between Christians and Muslims
Hindus with Muslims
Sikhs with Muslims
History is filled with blood shed
On the name of religion
Conversions , atrocities
Present terrorism is because of religion
On name of jihad , wars are going
Everyone is trying to force
Their religion on others
Its a mad race
People are killed on name of religion
Its biggest industry
Which only earns
Doesn’t pay taxes in return
People are donating their money
To construct ,temples ,mosques
To cover their walls with gold
It stands on pillars of fear ,superstition, lie
If this world can ever dream of peace
First abolish all religions
Demolish all religious buildings
Forfeit all money from all religious organizations
Its difficult thing
As 90% of this world is blind towards it
They are mesmerized by its fake benefits
Irony is literate people are more into it
Its roots are deep seated
We need to pull them out
We need to free this world from its shackles
Its need of hour
Else it would destroy this world
With its venomous tricks .


2 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Very true.

    On the name of religions mostly conflicts took place.

    Instead of bonding people, it is creating huge gap between them. It is not uplifting the society, culture and the country instead it is destroying them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree ,completely ,I had to write this after I was provoked by a fellow blogger ,you must have read that also ,we shouldn’t be rigid ,superstitious ,and blind .

      Liked by 1 person

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