I feel the way females are going
They are actually doing more harm to them
Rather good
On the name of empowerment
They are actually being exploited
They ,themselves are responsible for this
Hurling abuses
Wearing bikini
Smoking cigarette
Swaying butts
Wearing provocative clothes
Raising middle finger
Is this empowerment
Wearing short dresses and standing
As a co dancer
Wearing bikini in a razor advertisements
Beyonce ,Madonna ,sunny Leone
You ape them
You don’t see Kalpana Chawla
Sunita William, Madam curie ,Helen Keller
Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama
Empowerment is not to ask for sex openly
Not to act as porn star or a whore
Empowerment is to prove yourself
In field of sports ,academics, science etc
Don’t demean your self respect
If you won’t respect yourself
No one will do
Don’t accept work which
Involves showing your body
Don’t sell your self respect
For sake of money
No one respect a porn star
But everyone respect a teacher ,scientist ,doctor .


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