A building needs strong pillars
If one pillar is weak
But rest are strong
Building will survive
Now I am getting alone
As my other pillar ,mother
Is losing her strength
She is getting weak
She is getting slow
She is less sharp now
She forgets a lot
She has lost confidence
Over that father pokes her every now and then
This further disturbs her peace of mind
Which eventually bothers me
He doesn’t confront directly with me
He disturbs her
So she gets upset
Earlier we two were managing one
Now I am alone
To manage those two
Over that I don’t see any hope of improvements
As they don’t eat what is good for them
They don’t exercise
They don’t listen
As I am their son
So their ego doesn’t permit them
To accept that I am giving right advise
Death is inevitable
If father goes before mother
I will manage mother
But if mother goes before father
Its going to be a big mess
He is damn adamant
Best thing ,my wish
I leave before them
Its not desperation
Its not frustration
Its what I feel
I am a fighter
But here fight is strange
I don’t have opponent
I don’t have fair rules
Its a one sided game
Society ,relatives ,ethics
All support them
So I don’t have any option
As neither screaming ,nor requesting
Will sort out things
One pillar is insufficient
To balance a building
Its against law of science .


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