Its more than 50 years ,my parents are together
Its a kind of adjustment
Where mother was adjusting
To nonsense nature of father
Father has depression
Its a kind of boon in curse
No matter what you do
You are safe
No one will ask you
As you have got shield of depression
Other two siblings were never assertive
Now they are married
So its me who is living with parents
Generally I don’t interfere in anyone’s life
I believe in live and let live
Rather I try my best to help others
I believe in charity begins at home
So I try my best to do most of the work
Still sometimes I feel
Its my father who is doing nothing
Except finding mistakes in my work
Or mother’s work
I don’t have habit
Of taking nonsense
I never did
Except my father’s nonsense
Its not out of respect
But because of  my mother
She doesn’t allow me to answer him back
He is misusing this
He threatens ,he will run away
This threat is actually nonsense
But still its working for him
My mother is tolerating him
So I have to
Its appeasement
You take nonsense
As society doesn’t permit us
To question our parents .


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