I very often see people
Whom I really want to blast
Not with bomb
But with words
I am egoistic
I am fine with it
But it has nothing to do with my ego
Its basic
A person who is dumb
But fortunate ,driving a big car
Want to tell him
He is dumb ,on his face
It will sooth me
But nonsense system doesn’t permit me
I do say ,but unfortunately he doesn’t listen
As its a monologue
Else there will be mess
I want to tell those ugly looking females
Who put makeup
Who are heavy weight buffaloes
Stop wearing nonsense outfits
Its a mental torture to me
Want to tell all those stupid females
Who are wearing skimpy clothes
First sweat out at gym
Have body to flaunt
Not those loose stomach
Its a torture to see your ill shape body
There are many more
But unfortunately I can’t
Else people will sue me
Beat me
But yes I want to blast many .


9 thoughts on “Blast

  1. 😂😂😂 woah,you should not let others effect you upto this extent that you feel like blasting them with words.Everyone has a way of living,we are no one to object or comment on them.Its rather rude i’d say.
    A woman will wear whatever she likes,regardless of her shape and size,sir.You don’t want to look at her? Don’t.But you have no right to call such women stupid.They have their own way.No rulebook states that only slim women can wear skimpy clothes,it may not appeal to you,but her husband likes it,her kids like it,SHE,the stupid female as you put it,likes it.Yo must not judge,nor get infuriated by such things.Live and let live my dear angry young man.😅

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    1. There is difference between a diamond and iron ,diamond stays diamond even in mine , beauty has its definition ,we can’t deny the fact , would you like to marry a guy who is short ,fat ,dark bald ,I guess no

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      1. Females do marry dark,short,bald men…I wont like certainly,because i can get a better person but this does not mean that,if my friend has a bald boyfriend,i’d judge him or call him stupid,or her stupid for being with him.Looks are not everything.I will be concerned about the complexion,size n colour of my guy obviously but i will keep shut about other men.I am nobody to judge them.That fat female might be the definition of beauty for her husband and her son,relationships go beyond this sir.You get bothered by her looks? You should not,live and let her live naa.


      2. When you can’t implement it practically on yourself ,it means you deny facts its psychology

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    1. I am not trying to make you agree ,you shouldn’t be if you don’t feel like ,anyways for now need to go ,have an appointment with another sad individual ,you keep disliking me and my theory ,I accept it with smile

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      1. I don’t dislike you Ajay.
        I just think differently.


      2. So am I ,I think awkward ,I don’t mind even if you dislike me ,I hardly give importance to anyone in my life except very few and you are not among those till now

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      3. I don’t expect to be Ajay,we hardly know each other.I respect your views but firmly carry mine. 🙂

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