No relationship is true
All comes with terms and conditions
Parents will take care of you
If you obey them
If you don’t argue with them
Girlfriend will show you affection
If you pamper her
If you give her gifts
Wife will be happy
If you give her money
If you give her sex
Husband will be happy
If you give him good food
If you give him lots of sex
Children will be obedient
If you give them space
If you give them enough money
So overall its about “if”
Those “if” absent
Relationship goes sore .


4 thoughts on “Relationship

  1. I disagree.
    The love and care of parents is unconditional,it does not change with the behavior of kids.Its always there,concealed or expressed. Even if i argue with parents,they will take care of me.Girlfriend who truly loves you will demand no gifts,she will love you even if you talk to her rudely.
    overall…Relationships are not based on these “if’s” they’re based on fundamental love and care.

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    1. I disagree , be practical ,I being a relationship counselor come across cases of infidelity everyday ,no relationship is eternal all are conditional

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      1. Not all.
        Many are,but not all.
        Parents love unconditionally,no matter what.This post is very provocative.I do not agree to one line even.Not all are conditional.Several cases of selfless love can be seen.


  2. I write truth ,you are living in dream land


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