Most fortunate people are parents
They can lie
Still won’t accept
Won’t admit
As they are parents
They can do mistakes
Never admit it
Damn adamant ,arrogant
As they are parents
They have all the sympathies
They have shield of old age
They have excuses
They are wrong many times
Its impossible if they admit
They boast that they sacrificed a lot
For their children
Even an animal first find home
Then give birth to young ones
Its a natural phenomenon
They feel children are fixed deposits
Whose interest they will enjoy
In their old age
Not all children are faithful
Most who get married
Get separate and live their life
Those who stay with parents
They are supposed to be deaf and dumb
Who only say yes to their parents
You can’t argue or ask them
If you do ,you are ill mannered
They are always right
They can anytime fire on you
Shout at you
Still they will have sympathy of world
As they are parents
They can never be wrong
They are God
I feel one should stay bachelor
Or if married shouldn’t have children
As parents and children
Are like two swords in one case
Where parents have always upper hand

5 thoughts on “Parents

  1. You’re all posts are negative yet interesting.I disagree yet again.


    1. I am critic ,I don’t write to sell ,I write what I come across day to day dealing with my clients

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mind me asking your profession?


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