My parents keep the keys of house with them
Because they own it
I may be carrying 30 kg weight
Standing outside door for 25 min
They don’t open the door
Because they didn’t hear door bell
As they say
They can as they are parents
I can’t scream as they are my parents
I can’t complaint
As they are my parents
They are wrong most of the time
Still I can’t say
As they are my parents
They do whatever they want
As they are old ,they are my parents
Ethics dictate me to be silent
To obey them
Not to argue with them
If ,I am saying if
As there is almost no possibility
Of I being a parent
I would have given full authority
To my kid
To tell me ,when I am wrong
As I feel ethics are one thing
But individuality is another
I never want to kill anyone’s individuality
But then they are my parents
They are always right
They have shield of age
They are wearing armour of parenthood .


1 thought on “Parents

  1. Now i understand where those negative emotions erupt from.
    Every house has a different story mate,best of luck with yours.😊


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