Why ,I don’t

She wants to marry me
She wants me to commit
She wants me to provide sex
I don’t want
She is good
She is loyal
She is docile
She loves me
I have my issues
I am more involved in my life
Not exactly mine
But my responsibilities
My parents
They are not mature enough
To accept someone as my bride
They are of complaining nature
I can’t leave them
Nor I want to create mess
Same time
Why should she suffer
Why she listens to my parents
So I don’t want to marry
My ethics don’t permit me
To provide sex either
As I am not committed
So why should I spoil her life
Just to have fun
So I stay away from her
It hurts her
She is sad
We both are not at fault
Its our destiny


2 thoughts on “Why ,I don’t

  1. You made me sad. But if you are not in love with her … If you can’t commit… Then I think you made the right decision.


    1. Its better to be harsh and practical


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