People are having problems
The way I think
But I give them damn
They feel I am eccentric
I confirm
I am like this
Because ,I have style
I don’t go by what other’s say or do
I lead a very disciplined life
I work like a labourer
I live as a soldier
I think as a philosopher
I eat as a hermit
I sleep as a commando
I work out as a freak
I spend as a husband
I read as a book worm
I am not a single person
I am a lot in one
So don’t be jealous of me
I am lots of guts ,hard work, patience ,sacrifice .


2 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. True! Even great geniuses like Einstein and Newton were considered mad once and now world is mad after them šŸ™‚


    1. Its tradition of world ,difference is earlier there was enough time to prove yourself ,today we are lacking that ,still I am happy the way I am going

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