I am like this

I am egoistic
Yes I am
Because I know my capabilities
I know my limitations
I work on my terms
I don’t compromise on quality
Let it be while giving or receiving
I know what all things I can do
When I do
I do it in my way
I don’t follow trends
I don’t value what people say
Many think I am mad
Others think I am failure
I give them damn
They say I am not rich
I say I don’t care
I know I will manage this life well
So why to be a tamed dog
I lived like a lion
I will die as a lion
I am fearless
I am blunt
I don’t run after people
I don’t ask them to come to me
Rather many times I refused
To work with them
Because I didn’t find them right
I don’t walk with my head down
I am damn arrogant
Yes ,I am
I know what I have
May be people don’t know
Its their loss not mine
Hate me if you want
Ridicule me if you want
I am like this

Ajay Kohli

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