When we were together
You never told your feelings
When we separated
You told to others not to me
So its of no use
Time passed
You grew old
I grew old
You got married
You have two kids
I was not knowing
Some mutual friend
Told me this
You never tried to contact me
Nor did I
Still you come in my dreams
You don’t let me sleep
You accept your love in my dreams
Though I don’t think about you
Its more than 25 years
Still you are thinking about me ?
I am single
Though I had many females in my life
None of them stayed
No worries
Somewhere I feel if its your curse
What is my fault
If you had confessed
Your love way back
May be we are together
But now its not possible
I want to sleep without your dreams
Want to know
What was my fault
Why do you still bother me
Why ?

Ajay Kohli


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