Another attack
Hundreds of innocent killed
Females ,kids ,
They were there to relax
They don’t have any problem
With Taliban ,ISI ,ISIS
They haven’t hurt anyone
They have not said wrong about Islam
They only know humanity
They only want peace
Then why are they killed
That too such brutal way
Their limbs tore apart
They can’t be recognized
They can’t be buried properly
What is their fault
Terrorists are not human
They are not animal
They are maniac
They don’t have any religion
No motive
No ideals
They are emotionally ,mentally dead
They are not knowing
Why they are doing so
As they are Brain  washed
They need not to live on this earth
We don’t have any sympathy for them
We feel they are parasites
They need to be uprooted
No mercy

Ajay Kohli


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