Why from centuries
Females are crying
That they are oppressed
Who has oppressed you
Its actually a conspiracy
Keep crying and fool males
Who is asking you
To be in relationship
Don’t be ,stay single
Enjoy life
You want males
To give you flowers
To give you chocolates
To propose you on knees
To pull chairs for you in restaurant
To open door for you of cars
Tell me what you do for males
You blame them ,whenever you get chance
You keep complaining
You are always demanding
You want males to text you
Even if its you who stopped texting
You want males to apologize
Even if its your mistake
Problem is large number of stupid males do so
The day males stop giving you importance
Things will be different
I feel no one should do so
Its not question of male or female
Its about one gender misusing other
Relationship is about equality
Till now its about females
Why ?

Ajay Kohli


4 thoughts on “Why

  1. True to a good extend !


    1. Unfortunately truth is hardly accepted ,generally many people like my post but when I write regarding females its not liked ,this in itself proves

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Because….in this world of lies…truth doesn’t sell.


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