We are told to speak truth
Do we dare
Imagine what life will be
If we start speaking truth
It will be hell
It will lead to depression ,fights
When you tell your mother
She cooked that dish very bad
When you tell your dad
His pronunciation is wrong
When you tell your children
You are going to have sex in closed room
When you tell your husband
You slept with 5 guys before marriage
When your husband tells
He visited whores even after marriage
When you tell your teacher
She is stupid
When you tell your girlfriend
How do you presume her naked
Like this we have so many examples
Every one claims to speak truth
Actually no one does
And shouldn’t do
It will mess whole world

Ajay Kohli


2 thoughts on “Truth

  1. So glad to know that you are writing very often now. Thanks Brother!


    1. From the day I started writing ,I make sure I write one post daily ,I am disciplined to the limit of eccentricity

      Liked by 1 person

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