You could have done what I asked you
I didn’t ask you to do something wrong
I value you
I won’t ever demean you
If I ever ask you something
It will be with your willingness
You showed little concern
As if you were least bothered
So then its my turn
I can show you attitude
Now you are trying to attract my attention
Trying to do what I like
Or what I dislike
Do whatever I won’t revert
I have become inert
Yes I do feel bad
When I saw your photo
Which I told you was exposing one
You were showing your cleavage
You are not a whore
Or a porn star
If I am attracted to cleavages
Net is filled with such images
I always told you ,dress decently
Yes I was annoyed
My eyes filled with fire
My heart on fire
I felt like slapping you
Telling you ,a whore
Its not that I am abusive
Its to take out my anger
To make you realize
You are not a public property
I won’t tell you
You have to burn
In fire of my anger
In fire of my feelings
I can either love you
Or hate you
This time ,I feel you are worth hate
Now you see ,how you can win me back
If you want
May be you don’t want
May be its my misconception
May be in real sense
You enjoy exposing
Its your life ,your body
Till you confirm
That I have right over it
Till then do whatever you want
But yes ,I felt ,you are doing this
To attract me
I am not getting attracted
I am on fire

Ajay Kohli


2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Jealousy i love, well written!


    1. Thanks ,its not jealousy ,I am too busy to get jealous ,its attitude ,if someone shows me 1% I show her 1000%


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