I know it hurts
Leaving someone
Its equally disturbing for both
If its equally important for both
Its not that boy feels less pain
Or girl feels more intense pain
Both are loosing part of their life
Both have emotions
Both have invested time
Both have invested tears
So I can’t be biased
Only thing which hurts me
Is debauchery ,infidelity
Don’t give me excuses
Don’t tell me your problems
I too had lot
I never told you about that
I had one thing in mind
Yes we have to be together
No matter what may comes
But you were not actually involved
You thought as I am a Stepney
Well ,I am not
If I can love you with intensity
I can leave you with determination
Never to come back
I won’t cry
Won’t shed tears
Not because ,I am male
Or I am tough
Or I feel shame in crying
Nothing like that
But I won’t cry
As my tears are much precious than your
Excuses, infidelity
I boldly wiped you out of my life
I have no regrets

Ajay Kohli

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