I have almost 150 friends name in my phone book
Not all I see with same attitude
But few ,I do see
Of those few, three ,I check many times
Their status ,las seen etc
I guess I am more concerned about them
But they don’t know ,don’t care too
So I checked with myself
Why is it so
I found its mindset
I am giving unnecessary importance
Why I can’t be same with them
As I am with others
Only check when they text
That way ,I will be more peaceful
I won’t be having expectations
Won’t be having disappointments
I need to be in  equanimity
Change mindset
Put them in list of normal
No special focus
Life will be better
Won’t waste time any more

Ajay Kohli


About ajaykohli

Consultant ,deals in life management, psychology, astrology ,vaastu , fitness ,diet ,relationship counseling

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