Women’s day

Woman’s day ,ridiculous ,don’t get shocked ,yes I am serious ,one side you ask for special day ,reservations , separate coaches , increased interest rates  , many more facilities ,otherwise you claim to be equal to men ,I strongly deny this gender disparity , we all are home sapiens, we have same brain same organs ,same environment ,same circumstances , so why one gender need more facilities and at same time they want equality also ,first decide what actually you want .
You are confident good ,everyone should be ,then why you appear doing nonsense emotionally , creating tantrums , you fall in love ,nothing wrong in this you marry then you start believing as the person you have married is your servant ,you expect him to be a super man who manages house ,office , family ,yours ,his ,between all these you only focus on your problems ,both genders have problems ,why do you always expect man to pamper you , pull chair for you at hotel ,open door for you ,praise you ,pay your bills , if marriage fails you want alimony ,isn’t biased both got married ,both lost same thing ,so why alimony , just get separate and lead your life without complaints ,no ,laws are biased .
Practically if you watch ,actually its female verses females ,daughter in law is not comfortable with mother in law , females do bitching about females , females are jealous of females only , I guess females need to be more balanced.
If there is equality then I feel here shouldn’t be any woman day ,no reservations ,no separate coaches .
Present situation is everyone is doing favour to females ,psychological point is males are to a great extent attracted towards females and they don’t dare to defy them as biggest reason is sexual favour ,other reason is males feel successful if he is famous among females so he hardly think or dares to question all this .I feel its time to acknowledge the facts ,females are enjoying their special status so they won’t leave it easily ,I urge law and males to step forward and wipe out this disparity and make both genders equal in actual sense.
Note : its not about anti feminism ,its about equality ,I respect females as human ,no offences .

Ajay Kohli

2 thoughts on “Women’s day

  1. I meant no disrespect as well…i am a girl too but i agree with your words completely..saying everyone is equal at one side and then giving reservations in every field..i really can’t understand what type of equality is this.

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