When you come

Life never stops for anyone
So do I
I may not be there
Where I am
When you come
I may be a different person
I am changing daily
Not externally
Not internally
But emotionally
You may come
Or you may not
But remember ,if you come
Come alone
Don’t come with your family
Don’t come with this world
Don’t come with your past
Don’t come with your regrets
Come alone
Only for me
I may be there
May not be
As earlier I was waiting for you
Today you may wait for me
Tomorrow may be we both won’t wait for each other
As I am sure for myself
I am moving
You may blame me
I didn’t wait for you
So am saying ,you too don’t wait for me
If ever we cross each other
And we still feel
We may live together
We may see
I am moving
Yours you  Know

Ajay Kohli


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