They ask you to go for numerous tests
From lipid profile to kidney function
From liver profile to vitamin B12
From vitamin D to thyroid
And god knows how many more
CT scan ,MRI, lord knows how many scans
Still they won’t be sure
What your ailment is
Keep guessing
And hit and trial
But they won’t compromise on fees
Over that they suggest you rather scare you
If you won’t take medicines ,you will collapse now medicines have their side effects
Which are unfortunately more than
Positive effects
If you take pill for pain
It will affect your liver and kidney
If you take pill for depression
It will affect your gut and libido
What the hell is their education
And what kind of researches are these
Which are actually doing  more harm than good
I feel doctors are worse than death
Death kills you once
Doctors kill you every time you visit them
With bills ,fear ,tests ,scans .

Ajay Kohli

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