Everyone says love is bliss
Everyone says love is pious
Everyone says love is god
Then why its done in hidden way
Then why its done behind close doors
Then why its forbidden for kids
Then why its done in dark usually
Then why no one tells others they are going to make love
Then why we have no love education
But we have sex education
Please its lust
Its sex !
Not love !
Its very seducing
Its very erotic
Sometimes vulgar
So say we made sex
We made love .

Ajay Kohli


8 thoughts on “Why

  1. its the same concept, just the ways of having sex and how you feel that makes it different. and you think its so “closed doors and late at night” and it is, be again, in India, your country is very “closed minded” trying to protect the people, in other countries, sex / making love, is very common and open thing. its both closed doors and publicity allowed situation.


    1. I don’t think so in USA people do sex in open


      1. im not saying people have sex publicity or other people’s eyes. im referring to other countries (not just USA) when the topic of sex or sexual activities are very common and openly discussed. in India and in many other countries, im sure sex is more of a sacred thing.


      2. Its not actually ,have you heard of Kamasutra its written by Indian saint around 3000 years old ,point is everything needs ethics ,even sex does ,not like animals ,I guess animals are even better they do it in proper season ,that too in hidden way ,I think you have never seen any animal mating live, not on TV


      3. nope, i don’t visit the zoo often


      4. you asked if i’ve ever seen animals “mate” in real life and not on TV, and the answer is no, i don’t see animals in real life on a regular basis, we only have animals in zoo and i don’t visit the zoo often.


      5. Point was that sex is inhibition even in animals so how can one justify it doing openly


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