You never knew
How your act of lust
How your unwanted touch
Left her soul bruised
You felt she was timid
You felt she won’t retaliate
May be she is not bold enough
May be she doesn’t understand
Your acts of shame
You could be her father ,brother ,uncle ,friend
You can be male in any form
Known or unknown
You had rush of hormones
Which turned you into beast
Who was finding pleasure in erection
You are a wolf in sheep’s skin
You breached her faith
Faith in all the males
She won’t trust any male
Because of few lusty psychopaths
Your acts made such deep scars on her soul
She might be a kid then
Now she is mature enough
Still those  drastic moments
Are very much live in her mind
Manliness is not in molestation
Or in your erections
Manliness is to respect females
Its in to give them equal status
You may be physically strong
That doesn’t give you right to molest her
If you ever get such beastly thoughts
Wait for a moment
Think of the bosom of your mother
Which was your first identification
The first drop of milk
You sucked from it
Still if you feel like molesting her
I guess you are worst than an animal
I only feel you should be shot dead .

Ajay Kohli

2 thoughts on “Scars

  1. I do not have words for this.

    I got goosebumps while reading this.


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