I was told ,I was born on some date
I never asked for proof
I admitted it ,no choice
Then onwards ,I remember
Every year ,I am made to celebrate that day
I wonder what is the reason for celebration
Let’s say I have X years in all
Of which every year one year is decreasing
I am heading towards death actually
It can be other way
The time left with me ,to be spent with
Loved ones is getting shorter
For this I need to celebrate?
Positively ,its that I have survived ,so many years ,
So thank god ,or everyone, for tolerating me
It can be ,that I am heading closer to
Merger of my soul into supreme soul
Whatever it is
Its all hypothetical
Its all confusing

Ajay Kohli


About ajaykohli

Consultant ,deals in life management, psychology, astrology ,vaastu , fitness ,diet ,relationship counseling

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