I am really surprised
To  an extent disappointed
The way this world is going
There are so many heart breaks
10% are intentional
90% are because
You love someone
She loves someone else
Whom she loves
He loves someone else
So its a kind of chain
Where I guess most are linked
But ironically none to the person they want
Very rarely I see two persons
Who love each other and together
Why it is so
Why we don’t get the one we love
I guess its some kind of conspiracy
Conspiracy of god

Ajay Kohli

6 thoughts on “Conspiracy

    1. Yes ,you were inspiration behind this ,I really get upset when I find someone who loves so passionately and its not being reciprocated , don’t know what to say but yes, I don’t hide ,I am connected to you in some manner


      1. glad to see i inspire you in your writing at times. but don’t be upset, the world isn’t fair and we don’t get all that we want in life. He was wonderful while he was in my life, and now he needs to move on, get married and live his life.


      2. Yes ,but somewhere I see you haven’t forgotten him. I guess you won’t as you don’t want to , yes you are very much part of my thoughts again see its conspiracy of god , I feel connection with you but you don’t find any


      3. i will never forget him. i never forget anyone who made impact on my life, especially someone i love

        yes you and i have connections through writing. i enjoy reading your poetry.


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