I am really surprised
To  an extent disappointed
The way this world is going
There are so many heart breaks
10% are intentional
90% are because
You love someone
She loves someone else
Whom she loves
He loves someone else
So its a kind of chain
Where I guess most are linked
But ironically none to the person they want
Very rarely I see two persons
Who love each other and together
Why it is so
Why we don’t get the one we love
I guess its some kind of conspiracy
Conspiracy of god

Ajay Kohli


About ajaykohli

Consultant ,deals in life management, psychology, astrology ,vaastu , fitness ,diet ,relationship counseling

Posted on December 15, 2015, in poetry, relationship. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

    • Yes ,you were inspiration behind this ,I really get upset when I find someone who loves so passionately and its not being reciprocated , don’t know what to say but yes, I don’t hide ,I am connected to you in some manner


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