I am really happy
Well I shouldn’t be actually
But I don’t know
I am enjoying
This era
Mind blowing
You may find me eccentric
You may call me anti social
But it gives me a reason to enjoy
People are wearing sun glasses at night
To click selfies
Brides Wearing expensive wedding gowns
With hollow and cheap ethics
For them one night stands are in thing
Loyalty is nonsense
Organising great events
Alcohol ,cigarettes ,drugs
To get high
Next day severe hangover
Still they are loving it
Life cycle is in complete mess
Finding peace in sex ,alcohol ,drugs
Call themselves intellectual
Roaming in severe winters
Showing there belly button, tattoos
Exposure in winters ,ridiculous
Wearing ultra low waist dresses
As if it may drop anytime
Its all so fake
It makes me smile

Ajay Kohli

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