There was a girl
She had an affair
Problem was the guy was below her status
But she was physically involved with him
She was actually sex starved
Her parents were having hint about this
They planned to get her married
The girl was smart
She planned another affair
This guy was rich ,of their status
Parents were happy about match
They got married
But girl had another plans
She kept her first guy
She was still physically involved with him
On other hand she refused sex to her husband
Things got worsened
Finally she had a divorce
Now her parents were worried
The first guy appeared
Offered to get married to their daughter
Parents had no option
They agreed
Both got their plan implemented
Space goat was the guy who was ditched
Smart plan ……….

Ajay Kohli

5 thoughts on “Planned

  1. Love love love (especially the space goat).
    Keep it nectar.


    1. Thanks and I being male can’t say love ,love ,love to you,you may find it offensive and I will loose Maya ,which I don’t want to ,god bless

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will not find it offensive but I appreciate your not wanting to lose me.


      2. Many thanks for such nice attitude ,I am humbled take my bow

        Liked by 1 person

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