We travel in plane
We trust pilot will land us safe
We travel by bus
We trust the driver will drive us safely
We eat at restaurant
We trust the chef has not poisoned the stuff
Though we don’t know pilot,driver ,or chef
We don’t trust our parents
We never share our password with them
We don’t trust our siblings
We never let them know about our bank details
We trust our so called friends more than our parents
Our friends know our dark secrets
Our parents don’t know
Then we claim we have faith in God
Still we never leave our home unlocked
We never leave our car unlocked
We actually don’t trust god
We just pretend to do so
If someone tells you to drink poison
No one will do
Though we claim we have faith in god
There is nothing like faith or trust
Its all about manipulation
Its about , do what suits us
Think over it
You will be realizing it too

Ajay Kohli


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