Miss you

She sent me a text
“Miss you ”
Well she might be missing
But to me it seems unimportant
I don’t see what a person says
I see why she says
I know its psychological
She was busy with her life
Relatives ,functions ,friends ,cousins
With time they all got back to their work
She too will get back to her work
Its a momentary void
I don’t value such things
I may be harsh
But I am like this
I never and won’t ever allow
Anyone to disturb me
As they have their works
I have mine
Two entirely different worlds
Their full of worldly thoughts
Mine very personal
Very mine ,purely isolated
I don’t want anyone
If someone wants to be in my world
She has to be like me
No relationship except me
Its very irrational
Very unworldly
But I have been living like this
I will die this way
I don’t need any interference
So don’t be confused
Don’t miss me
I am not meant to be missed
I am either there ,or not
In your case I am not
So no question of missing
Don’t try ,don’t prove ,don’t justify
You live your way
I am happy in my isolation
Its beautiful
It makes me who I am
Eccentric ……..

Ajay Kohli

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