My dad gets up in the morning
He is hungry
He has logic
Whole night he didn’t eat any thing
Then he eats ,first thing in the mornings
He goes to washroom then
He comes out
Again he is hungry
He has logic
He has excreted everything
So eats again
Then he goes for walk
He comes back ,eats again
He has logic
He spent energy in walking
He then goes for breakfast
After sometimes he is again hungry
Its pre lunch now
Then lunch
He sleeps then
He wakes up hungry again
He eats again
Then its supper time
Then dinner
Before sleeping he needs to eat
He has logic
What if I feel hungry
During sleep
So actually its me who is working out
And do all household chores
But its him who is champion
He eats on my behalf too
Great going dad

Ajay Kohli

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