When I was a kid
I was bit naughty
More interested in sports
Less focused on studies
By the time I became an adolescent
I learnt to manage sports and studies
By the time I was an adult
I lost interest in studies
I never understood
How differentiation and integration
Will help me in life
Or how mathematical induction
Or Kirchoff law will solve my problems in life
Still it was my course
I did manage to do well
Though I started being rebel
I was never comfortable in college
I wanted to study something practical
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any
I got into psychology
That too not theoretical
Pavlov or Freud type
I learnt life is about relationship
So I started focussing on that
By the time I reached thirty
I found life is more about money
When I was 35 I found its only about money
If you don’t have money ,no one value you
No matter how talented you are
How giving and caring you are
At 40 I feel life is about manipulation
Its about fooling others
Its about get your work done
Love ,affection ,care its very bookish
Actually its money ,manipulation ,that matters

Ajay Kohli


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